Introducing “Here Today” + New Books

A couple of quick items. First, meet “Here Today,” a Medium site devoted to reflecting on daily life during the novel coronavirus pandemic and related social distancing. It features several writers, including myself.

Second, if you have the means, throw some love to your favorite local indie bookstore (as opposed to that decidedly not indie retailer that we all know about). Most are closed to browsing but many are offering curbside pick-up and or even local delivery. I generally try to use the library more than purchasing, particularly when it comes to new, hardcover, buzzy books. But our booksellers are struggling now, as are many of the authors who’ve had their book tours and other speaking engagements canceled.

Fortunately, several excellent releases came out recently, giving me ample reasons to purchase new, hardcover, buzzy books from local retailers J. Michaels and Tsunami. These will definitely make sheltering-in-place a bit more enjoyable.

How are you doing/coping with this situation? What are you reading?

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