Let me Tell You What to Read + Support Indie Booksellers

I’m working on a post that’s not quite ready yet. In the meantime, let’s do some good for the book world! I’ll give you a book recommendation and you either buy it from your local indie or from bookshop.org, or donate at least $10 to the Eugene Public Library Foundation. (Note: I’m on the EPLF board.)

How it works

  1. Tell me in the comments or on social (see below) either three books that you love or the kind of mood you’re in, reading wise.
  2. I’ll give you 1-3 book recommendations to check out.

Find our new site accounts on Instagram or Twitter.

Last, shout-out to the Reading Glasses podcast, which shouted out a person doing something very similar. If you want to support the idea originator specifically, see the show notes of the most recent episode.

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